My life long passion for travel led me to this career. I have been blessed to have traveled extensively and I derive great joy when I am able to create amazing travel experiences for my clients.

I have been to South Africa, China, Peru, Eqypt, Russia, Central America and multiple trips to Europe. As of today, I have cruised over 30 times on 19 different cruise lines. If I haven’t sailed a cruise line, I have toured their ships. 

I have also provided customized trips such as hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu, bike riding through Myanmar, Sicily, southern France, Hawaii, Costa Rica and eastern Europe, honeymoons in Thailand, South Africa, Tahiti and Ireland or just a quiet island getaway. Italy is one of my specialties, so much so, that I have been learning Italian.

With my comprehensive experience, I can tailor your needs to the perfect cruise line or land destination. While I don’t book air directly, I have a consolidator who has the best pricing for business class air. The vendors I have access to provide great value. The hotels I recommend are ones that I have stayed in personally. The drivers and guides throughout Europe and Central America are ones I know and have used for my own family.