Io amo l'Italia

This latest adventure began as many previously.  We rent a car one way to JFK to insure that we make our overseas flight.  Needless to say, the diciest part of this adventure is navigating through 5/6 lanes of traffic in the city that are forced to merge into one.  If we survive without our blood pressure spiking, no yelling, or gestures to other drivers, it has been a success.  Then there is the gauntlet of JFK security.  No TSA precheck ,if your airline isn’t US based.  FUN city.  

We spend approximately 3 hours in the Alitalia lounge, which truly is in need of an update.  There was a group of about 20 people converging from all over the country, that must be working on a movie, or a project somewhere in Italy.  It felt like we were intruding on a class reunion with the back slapping, story telling and very loud raucous laughing. The availability of free alcohol only enhanced this experience. (for the group and for those of us forced to listen)

Boarding can be a chess match. You have the anxious ones, who line up 45 minutes early and create a premature rush.  There are the line budgers, the single spouse sent to hold a spot, the elderly couple looking frightened and the always present mom with 3 children under 4.  We are blessed with SkyPriority check in, but one has to traverse this sea of people because the sky priority line is placed closest to the wall.  One is guaranteed some nasty glares trying to cross over to get access this privilege. Off we go!

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