Spendors of Egypt

I have decided to combine my travel days into the description of my first “real”day in Cairo. This is my second trip to Egypt, as the last one was so fast and furious I was overwhelmed.

I was traveling Lufthansa for this trip. My sister Kathy was meeting me in Frankfurt after traveling from Los Angeles. I arrived in Frankfurt with a 4 hour layover. Thank goodness, as it took me that long to figure out where my next gate was. Blessedly, Kathy’s arrival gate was 3 gates down from our departure gate to Cairo. If she had to go through my challenge, she’d still be there.

There were many travelers on our flight who were also doing the Uniworld trip. I can usually spot who the “Nancy know it alls” will be. We arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel, which is spectacular. Chip, a fellow agent who arranged this trip, was waiting for us when we arrived.

He had scoped out the place and we met up at the Tapas restaurant at the pool. Kathy and I arrived in our travel clothes (our luggage hadn’t arrived yet) looking as tired as we felt. People around us were smoking the Hookas(sp) and the bubbling sound drove Kathy crazy. She was so exhausted she headed up early but left her purse under the table. In addition, when she tried to flush the toilet, she sprayed herself in the face with the nozzle/hose right next it.

These events should have been alarm bells. We were in bed by 8pm. I jumped up at 7am and we were at breakfast by 7:20. We were to meet at 8am for meeting, then have some time back at the room and be on the bus at 9:15. I apparently heard 9:30, so I was “THAT girl!” There is a pattern here. One would think by now, that as traveled as I am, I would remember to set an alarm for the first morning. My excuse is that having traveled for over 28 hours, I have lost my mind.

Frazzled, we went to the Citadel and the Mohamed Ali (different one) Mosque. Our Egyptologist is very good, a tad verbose, but good. Next was the Cairo Museum, which is still in use while they are building a new one. It was as hot as I remember. I was sneaking away to each and every fan I could find to cool off. All that was provided for the day were bananas and water. By the time we got back at 3pm, we were ready to eat our cameras.

Seeing mummies and artifacts that are 5000 years old is still mind boggling. Ramsies II, lived to be 97 years old with 200 children and his body still has hair and teeth. Kind Tutankhamen’s section was the most dramatic. His was the only tomb that was discovered completely intact. The Egyptian people are kind and helpful. This has remained the same. Tomorrow we fly to Luxor to board the ship.

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