South Africa

I feel like I have been traveling for days… wait, I have been. I traveled to New York city a day in advance of the flight to South Africa due to so many past connection snafus, just to be safe. I, of course, land in a heat wave and succeeded in finding the only cab in the metropolitan area WITHOUT air conditioning. Many of you know that heat and I don't mix well. 

Tyler met me bright and early to get to the airport for our 11 am flight International Terminals at most large airports are a challenge on a good day. I decided to only bring a carry on size suitcase and my computer case, which is fine except when you end up walking miles and miles in 3 different airports. I think my shoulder is out of socket. I will check the bag for the next flights : )

South African airways is fantastic. The Business class is well done. The flight attendants were more gracious and service oriented than any I have had. The South African accent is wonderful to listen to as well. They call the captain "the Commander". It sounds much more elegant. 15 hours is one long flight, so I even treated my son to Business class. He will be spoiled forever.

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