Saint Martin

Hallelujah, Woo hoo, all is right with the world!! 

As many of you know, I write my travel blog each day of my various trips and I was the dumb bunny who left her laptop charger in the hotel pre cruise . I was wandering around, asking at the front desk on the ship, desperate for some kind of charger and lo and behold this young man overheard and said…" I have a mac book air, you can use mine!" For those of you who enjoy the blog- good news. For those that don't- oh well.

We arrived in St Maarten on Friday afternoon. The "bridge was up” so the traffic was obscene. When we got into the cab (a 3 bench van) the driver said-" do you mind if my girlfriend who is hiding in the back, join me up front?”  We thought he was joking but then this lovely girl pops up and maneuvers to the front passenger seat. We asked her what she would have done if we said “no”. Welcome to the islands : ) 

My buddy from childhood, Mary, is with me on this adventure and to date, this adventure has not disappointed. We stayed at the Westin Dawn beach. It was a very large resort with a casino. I prefer smaller hotels, but the room, beach, staff and restaurants were wonderful.

After a lovely breakfast with one of my son's friends from college, we checked out and headed to the ship. Windstar is one of my favorite cruise lines. Small ships that use sail power when possible. The Windsurf is the largest of the fleet and holds 300 passengers. As the captain , who talks over the intercom a but too much for my taste (or as my girls would say” land the plane!”) stated that this is the world's largest sailing vessel

Our stateroom is a suite, which is basically two cabins with the wall taken down. One side has the beds and the other has a sitting room. We met Mel the bartender, who hooked us up with Mojitos on the aft pool deck. Dinner was outside as well. Tomorrow is a day at sea!

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