Egypt and the Nile River

After an uneventful 11 hour flight we have arrived in Cairo. Our airline Egyptair, provided good food but alas, no wine or alcohol available. Being with a stunning blonde daughter, we received unusually attentive service from the male flight attendants, one giving Devan a flower prior to take off.

We were met by Sherif, as in Omar, and a driver who's name began with the sound you use to clear your throat.

Driving in Cairo is not for the feint at heart. 3 divided lanes of traffic means that 6 lanes will fit. Sherif said the lines were for decoration only. If one tries to cross the street, may God be with him or her. Upon advise from "clear your throat" do NOT, I repeat do NOT rent a car. If a taxi is required, only use white or yellow. Avoid the black and white like the plague, ie Moses variety.

Our hotel, The Four Seasons, is spectacular. Our room overlooks the Nile river. The bomb sniffing dog for the car and metal detector to enter the lobby were a little disconcerting but good to know that high security is enforced. The choice of restaurants in Cairo is plentiful, especially within the hotel. We enjoyed Sushi tonight, but also had the choice of Egyptian, Italian and Spice, whatever that is.

As Devan says prior to checking out for the night.... Peace out. 

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