Peru - Sacred Valleys and Incan Cities

We have successfully arrived in Atlanta and are now waiting for our flight to Lima. Our stewardess had the voice of a 6 year old which makes for highly entertaining emergency instructions.

We arrived at the hotel Casa Andina Private collection in the neighborhood of Miraflores by 2am . Marteen, our driver, took great pride in pointing out the KFC and the New York City casino with it's own statue of liberty. 

I believe that napkins must be a national treasure, as none are placed on tables and when one asks for a napkin, one receives a travel kleenex. I took 2 just in case.

We were also asked "how was our staying?"

We walked to the the cliffs overlooking the Pacific ocean. It was spectacular. We learned that the sun doesn't shine from April until November. Reminds me of Syracuse.

We took a city tour today that included the cathedral of St Francis and the catacombs as well as the historic district that included the famous balconies, protected by UNESCO. The bodies were buried in "weebons" or ribbons and there is no metro, just privately owned buses. Talk about a commute! Evidently, there are no highrise buildings in Peru, due to all the previous earthquakes. (information I am glad I was unaware of....)

Tim and I had cerviche, it was invented in Peru, at a great restaurant and now I am trying to figure out how to upload pictures to my blog from my ipad. This may be a delayed photo experience.

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