Seabourn Rome to Lisbon

One must find the positive in all situations. I violated my cardinal rule of at least a 2 hour layover for any flight. We knew the moment we got to the Syracuse airport that we were not going to make our next connection to Rome. Sooooo after the delay in Syracuse and a 3 hour layover in Philly, we went to Frankfurt. The city where you can buy any meat in a tube. That flight was late and we missed the next connection which allowed us a 3 hour layover in Frankfurt to arrive in Rome only 11hours after our original arrival time. Who needs to see the Necropolis of St Peter's when you can see the traditional European man in "shants"  ( shorts/pants). 

Luftansa does it right. Free coffee and newspapers in the terminal and wine or beer included on the flight. The 80 plus little Italian man next to me was working his magic, but I was far too tired to flirt. Our pilot had to scream "sit down!!!" at a herd of people trying to gather their belongings and storm the door. One wild man in an orange hat defied the order only to have the pilot taxi for a bit and then slam on the brakes to send him flying. Talk about inflight entertainment.

The day ended successfully with an airline miracle- our luggage was there the same time we were. To top it all off, our driver Fabio,(I'm not kidding) was waiting as well to take us to our hotel. 

We managed to walk a few blocks to a lovely dinner then walked many many blocks to figure out how to get back to our hotel. Thank God for my map man Tim. Buono Sera.

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