Playa del Carmen - Mexico

At least this adventure didn't start at 3am, but rather 5:30. I don't function so well in the am, as many know, so apparently, knowing that we needed to leave our house at 6, I set my alarm for 6. That's cutting it a bit close. So dear hubby queries "are you getting UP?"  at which I leap out of bed and start panic mode. Skippy has seen this first hand.

We manage to successfully make our flight but in the panic, I forgot my business cards in another bag. That's going to be a hard one to explain. Flights were seamless and we arrived early to Cancun airport. This sounds good until you find out early means no gate. We waited a good 40 minutes to get a gate. For those faint at heart the hallway (or gauntlet) is a good 1/2 mile long just to get to customs. Note for limited mobility travelers, get a wheelchair escort. Here we were in a large hall with queues filled with at least 1500 to 2000 people. It's similar to those at space mountain at Disney, except there is no fun ride at the end. This took 90 minutes. Next to get Tim's bag (I carried on) and find our private transfer. Lomas Travel is the transfer company and very professional. More waiting... Eduardo was our driver and delightful. 13 hours of traveling and we arrived at El Dorado Maroma. This is a small, all inclusive, adult only resort south of Cancun in the Playa del Carmen area.

We were not in the mood for the drunken group winding down their day at the pool bar just outside our room!   We think it might be a corporate group or a wedding, as everyone knew each other. This rowdiness is unusual, as this is known to be a quiet, romantic, multiple tables for two kind of place. We were privy to extremely loud political discussions between Americans and a drunken Finnish man, canon ball competition with large overweight men, football fans watching the NFL playoffs in Spanish, competition shot drinking and other loud arguments. Apparently, we are just lucky....We will be asking for a move in the morning. 

Dinner was in the Caribbean grill with Miguel as our waiter. The staff and service here are spectacular. We have been impressed with these very hard working people. 

Tomorrow I meet with America (who could forget that name?) to line up a facility tour and (fingers crossed) a new room location. Hasta Manana!

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