The Canadian Rockies

She is on the road again, eh? I struggle with early morning flights as it is, but when one's "departure time" is moved up by 30 minutes, it makes a huge difference mentally. I like early mornings about as much as I like buffets. I do love Delta airlines and love their best employee (in my humble opinion) Andrienne Owens at the Syracuse airport.   We had a seamless flight to Minneapolis, especially because Iwas upgraded to first and didn’t hesitate to leave Tim in steerage. Minneapolis airport had the absolute nicest Women’s rest room I have ever seen in ALL my travels. I was compelled to take pictures : ) All our Delta flights were on time and we landed in Vancouver ahead of schedule. 

Tim and I had spent hours traveling to and from Niagara Falls, NY to apply for Global Entry and again for NEXUS in a trailer under a bridge. NEXUS is the equivalent of Global entry but allows easy entry into Canada as well and happens to be ½ the price. Global requires fingerprints, NEXUS an eye scan. I’m sure you all know where this is going. Tim sails through the kiosk into Canada and my eye scan failed multiple times. I am then directed to the huge line resembling a cattle round up. (Perhaps it was Karma from the first class choice) 

Tim was able to get all the luggage, and had time left over to get a spa treatment, if he chose, before I arrived to the baggage area. The 50 minute cab ride, which we expected to be around $90, was only $35. What???

Our hotel is the Fairmont Waterfront and our view is spectacular. We are waiting for the arrival of our cohorts in crime… Skippy and her husband Harry. (Actually Katie and Ted Volz)

Skippy and Harry arrived safely and we celebrated with fan club enthusiasm. We had a spectacular dinner at the Blue Water Cafe and were chauffeured to and from by Ryan from the Fairmont. Such a great service to have available for guests.

Let the adventure begin!

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