Enchanted China

We arrived in at Beijing airport at 3pm after a 15 hour plane trip. The time difference is exactly 12 hours ahead. We were met at the airport by our Chinese guide, Steven, not his Chinese name, oh by the way. We were then driven to our hotel by another man who navigated the crazy traffic, bicycles and motorcycles. As is Disney style, we were met again by our other guide, James. Traveling with Disney is easy and seamless. You don't touch your luggage or worry about checking in or any detail other than showing up.

We had a group dinner to meet and greet the other guests. It was served traditional Chinese style with a large lazy susan in the middle, where all the food was sent spinning around. If you were fast you could grab it as whirled by or you could be polite and wait your turn. 

We were treated to a tea ceremony, explaining the whys and wherefores of tea preparation.

To round out the day, we all posed for silly pictures dressed as ancient Chinese emperors. Frightening.

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