The Amalfi Coast

We landed in Rome after one of the best international flights I have experienced. Alitalia was fantastic. Italians know how to do business class. A new plane with fantastic food, lie flat seats with one's own entertainment center AND the seat was a massage chair. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Now for the dicey part. We made our connection to Naples and waited over an hour for 2 of our 3 bags. Mine arrived safely (thank goodness) and Tim's did not. After another hour of working with an Italian who typed with one finger and did not speak, we placed a claim for his luggage. My friend Paolo was patiently waiting the entire time and even tried to move things along with the bureaucrat and was told " You, back up and stand over there". We were not hopeful and Tim was one cranky dude. I'm sure I would have been worse. 

The Hotel Santa Caterina is world renowned. It ranked #1 for hotels in Europe with under 40 rooms. It is where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton used to come to getaway. Now they'll say "Tim and Carolyn" were here. Doubtful.Tim was not pleased that he had to go to Amalfi and buy some Italian clothes. We walked on treacherous streets and thousands of stairs to the village center and ate dinner al fresco right next to the cathedral. A strolling trio entertained us while I drank red wine (shocker) and enjoyed fusilli with clams!

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